y now our trailer was experiencing some serious technical difficulties. Neither the air conditioner nor the heater was working. We did not discover the air- conditioning malfunction until we were in Oklahoma, so it got hot in that trailer. Because the heater also did not work, I would sometimes have to turn on all of the gas burners to knock the chill off.

I lived in the front of the trailer and the horses lived in the back. I was the only one on the team who could tolerate eating or even simply sitting in there. I had become accustomed to the smell. Most of the clothes I had on the ride still smell like horse manure. It was really bad in the West and Midwest with the heat, and only got worse with the humidity and rain as we traveled east.

During this stretch, we were encouraged to hear CNN had picked up the ride and did two Earth Matters segments on our event. We also had heard that Willard Scott, the weather man on Good Morning America, was interested in our ride and might be able to meet us on the road to telecast a weather report. When you’re goal is to raise awareness, making the news is always good news.