inally we’d reached the finish. We had been riding for 150 days. We’d covered 2963 miles. What could I say? It had been a monumental challenge that required every bit of mental and physical energy I could muster every minute of every day.

I had wanted it that way. I had wanted to feel the sun and the wind and the heat and the cold. I had wanted to be on the emotional and physical edge. I had asked for that challenge and I’d gotten it.

I wrote in my journal in Missouri: “I feel a growing burden to finish, not so much for myself, but for all those who’ve helped. We are now riding for these people. They are the real reason I keep riding.”

I continue to believe, as I did when I began this ride that the best way to convince someone you are sincere and care, is through your own example. We cared enough about this issue to take on this challenge and ultimately to finish. That is the example I wanted to set for others.