n day sixty-seven, July 24th, we hit Amarillo, Texas. A film crew met us in the early morning to film Willy and me doing our thing for the local evening news. The reporter asked me several questions about the ride and our purpose. At the end of the interview he asked the most important question: “What impact does deforestation in the rainforest have on Amarillo, Texas, and this area?”

That part of Texas is known for farming and ranching, which of course, depends on consistent weather conditions. People in the area need rain and an appropriate climate in which to grow crops and raise cattle. I explained that “deforestation and loss of rainforest impacts the climatic conditions all over the globe, including the panhandle of Texas, the Midwest and other areas of the United States.” It impacts the pollinators that pollinate the crops in this region. Many of these pollinators migrate to the rainforest to winter over and then return to Texas in the spring. We need pollinators to grow crops.

Talking about the interconnectedness of our global environment made our message strike home.