Washington D.C.

or most of that day I was a little preoccupied with plans for our ride through Washington D.C. and the final route to our finish. I had made several phone calls that day from the road, trying to reach Charles Applebee of the Maryland Department of Transportation. I reached the receptionist, but Applebee was still out.

The secretary said: “Would you like to leave a message and a number where he can reach you?”

My response: “Tell him I'm the guy riding the horse across the United States and I’m 120 miles from Maryland and riding his way. I need him to clear a route for me to the beach.”

“You must be kidding.”

“No, I’m not. I’m dead serious. I need help now. We have just travelled almost 3000 miles by horseback and we only have 50 miles left to go to reach the beach.”